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The team of Swim Across Corinth Canal

Organizing Authority

Constantinos Lontos

Constantinos Londos was born in 1986 and lives in the city of Loutraki Corinth, while he passes the summer months in the beautiful town of Nafplio, the birthplace of his mother. From a young age he is engaged in social and cultural events and places special emphasis on sports in various forms.

He is the initiator of the ambitious and pioneering venture of swimming across the Isthmus of Corinth, having registered its brand and taken all the legal steps for the implementation of the logo.

He graduated successfully from the Technical High School (IT department). He excells in modern IT programs. He speaks efficiently the English language. He has undertaken successfully the ORGANIZATION OF UNESCO which had been hosted in the city of Loutraki Corinthia in matters of accommodation, catering and entertainment, for two (2) consecutive years in GRAND OLYMBIC HOTEL. He has been an organizer in various events in hotels and clubs in the region of Argolida, which were completed successfully.

He has been FOUNDING MEMBER OF TEAM RESCUE KORINTHIAS and gained certification in Items: First Aid, Facing Disaster, Mountain Rescue, External Bleeding, Internal Bleeding, Burns (Thermal, Chemical, Power), Fractures (in the upper limbs, the lower limbs, neck). Furthermore, he has worked as a lifeguard at Casino of Loutraki (spa section) for 18 months and in LOUTRAKI LIFEGUARDS

Finally, he is engaged in sports, such as mounting, climbing, swimming and football, practicing systematically in his spare time. He has a special appeal to the extreme sports which include the motocross (systematic exercise 2007-2009), the flight fox and diving (bounce while dropping the head by rocks in a distance of 3, 9 and 15 meters from the sea).

Οrganizing Committee

Penny Harlafti

Penny Harlafti was born and lives in the city of Corinth, where she operates professionally. The inclination and preference in art and sports were obvious from a young age already, participating in relavant events.

As a member of “Swim The Canal” team, she participates in the Organizig Committee, being responsible for the secretarial support.

She graduated from the University of Patra, Faculty of Sciences Department of Geology, a Master in Environmental and Applied Geology. She runs her own office, which is involved in geological and environmental issues.

The awareness for the protection and preservation of the environment, which was launched during her studies, is distinct as she is a member of environmental organizations, and many stray animal protection groups and wildlife.

She is actively involved in sports as a member of the Tennis Club Corinth "Pegasus" and she participated as an athlete in long distance international events like the Original Marathon of Athens and the "Athletics Federation» Athens Half Marathon, the Marathon of Nafplio and many similar sporting events. Finally she has repeatedly excelled in sports dance competitions as events in Acropolis Dance Open, Loutraki Dance Open and last, honoring the hometown of the international organization Korinthos Dance Open.

Having attended with success seminars of alternative forms of tourism, she always had the skills and the vision of developing the sports tourism in Greece and especially in her beloved hometown Corinth.