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The route

Description of the route

The organizers "SWIM ACROSS CORINTH CANAL" organize a 6 km swimming race, for adults and children which will be held every year at the Corinth Canal (Isthmus).

The Corinthian Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects mainland Greece with the Peloponnese while the canal that has been opened joins the Saronic with the Corinthian Bay. The canal crosses a straight line the Corinthian Isthmus in length 6.346m. The width of the sea surface is 24,6m. and the bottom 21,3 m., while the depth varies between 7,50 - 8m.

Today two road, two railway and two submersible bridges at both ends of the canal connect the mainland side of the Isthmus to that of the Peloponnese. At the western end of the canal also exists a military emergency bridge.

The prevailing winds in the canal are mainly northwest. The sea currents which will determine the station and the starting time of the race for the convenience of athletes, usually change direction every six hours. The usual flow rates amounts to two and a half knots and rarely exceed three knots. During the change of the current direction it is noticeable that the water stops while the speed in the opposite direction is increasing gradually.

The athletes who will participate in the race "SWIM ACROSS CORINTH CANAL" entirely with their own responsibility, are invited to swim a distance of about 6 km along the sea canal within a period of four (4) hours, which has given for this reason from the administration of the Corinth Canal (A. E .DI .K).

Start and finish of the match

On both ends of the Canal operate two modern submersible bridges, one to the side of the Corinthian (Poseidonia) and the other to the Saronic side (Isthmia).

Due to the particularity of the Canal with its strong alternating (every six hours) sea currents and to ensure the safety of athletes and the best organization of the race "SWIM ACROSS CORINTH CANAL", the administration of the Corinth Canal (A. E .DI .K) will announce and indicate the Start station, the exact time and the finish station two days before, namely on 25 September. The athletes will be informed promptly by phone and by e-mail by the organizing committee for the exact time and location of the race stations. The start will take place on the side of the Canal (submersible bridge) in which the currents will flow to the benefit of the athletes (flow direction with time to the end station).

The narrowness of the sea lane of Canal obliges start become by waves in groups of fifty (50) persons in accordance with the timing performance declared when submitting their participation, not based on age categories to which they belong. Time boot distance between the groups are defined at two (2) minutes. The teams will be split in a different cap color which the Secretariat would offer them.

The finish of the athletes will be in the water in a specially designed measuring time arch. Athletes should finish the race within four (4) hours maximum.