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#Corvid_19 #world_truce #stay_not_war

Any States must comply with the guaranteed human rights set out in the UN Universal Declaration, the most important of which is to ensure the highest quality of health for all and everywhere

 I would like to draw the attention of the leaders of the world that they must stand individually or collectively in favor of it and make every effort to put an end to all kinds of hostilities, for a single universal interest in the name of the collective good, and to protect the health of every individual independently. : by race, religion, age as they have to do for themselves against COVID-19.

 The choice is just one: HEALTH = LIFEE cumenical.

 Act to open every path-path that can provide health and medical assistance to any part of the planet that is or will be affected by the virus, and to understand that we are all equal. To be safeguarded and protected at all costs by the individual.

Hi Let us refer to the Declaration of Cyrus in 539 BC

On the natural law rules of the Roman Empire

The declarations of France

And finally, to respect the Universal Declaration of all UN Member States March 25, 2020

Mr. Constantine Lodos