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The biggest swimming event in Greece
at the gate of Peloponnese

A swimming race across the 6.346m. of the Isthmus canal









View photos from the 1st Swim Across Corinth Canal 2016.

The route

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The Isthmus is from ancient times the eminently strategic point of Greece and one of the most important of the Eastern Mediterranean. The task of opening the canal was emblematic, a construction dream, a challenge that made 2300 years to create. The aim was to shorten the sea route between Eastern Italy and the Aegean Sea, avoiding the time-consuming and dangerous bypass of the Peloponnese, thus solving many problems (naval accidents, transport costs, insurance, fuel, time) and facilitating navigation and trade.

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Ancient Diolkos

Diolkos was one of the most important works of engineering of the ancient Greeks. It connected the two large ports that existed in ancient times, the Kechrees (Saronic Bay) and Lechaio (Corinthian Bay). The start of Diolkos was at the Corinthian Bay, where today stands the beacon for ships and ended up to the Saronic Bay, the current Kalamaki of Corinthos (ancient Schoinounta). It did not follow a straight line, but it had turns because the soil was quite slope, at an altitude of 90 meters, so the transportation of ships was particularly difficult.

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